Legal note

Notes on data protection

The following aspects have been designed to ensure the security of your data considered:

  1. The data is collected anonymously. Due to the distribution of the call for participation in the survey via sociel media and internet forums, we ensured that the personnel responsible for conducting the survey cannot know the identity of the participants.
  2. The design of the survey already ensures that deanonymisation is impossible, because noone can draw a clear conclusion from the data collected to the identity of the person answering the question.
  3. During the survey, the participants IP address and other connection data that are necessary for the web server's technical maintenance are collected by the operator of the website. This data would, if at all, only be able to deanonymise the respondents identity if they knew the connection data stored by the participants' Internet service providers. But the personnel responsible for running the survey have no access to any of this data
  4. The questions asked around the possibility of embarrassing or stressful characteristics of the respondents are being asked using the "Randomitzed Response Technique" (Information about RRT) where the answers given cannot be assigned to a specific individual.
Legal note